This weekend we were at the FAFA Neighborhood market #FoodMeetsFashion that was held at Juniper Kitchen in Westland’s. It’s an event that brings together food and fashion and I partnered with African Kaya who sells amazing flavored peanut butter and sauces. Other vendors in the event showcased beautiful and unique jewelry and clothing. Juniper is one of those very cool rustic restaurants, with an amazing atmosphere and delicious food and beautiful presentation. During the FAFA, the service was very very slow as my sister and I waited more than two hours for wedges and chicken wings. After patiently waiting, i decided to leave as the food was still not ready (wings and wedges surely shouldn’t even take half an hour). Hopefully if they do intend on hosting future events, the need for preparation to handle more numbers is required. They also were not very well organized and at 10am we had no table due to the fact they had given away our table.

This was the 2nd event I participated in, the first was in 2014. I wasn’t too sure of this one, so I decided not to do too much. I decided on Chocolate mint cake, which was everyone’s favorite, Vanilla cake with buttercream and white chocolate ganache, red velvet, brownies, mocha cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream. I decided to bake and ice everything on Friday, which was not a good idea due to the fact that the baking took a while. Thank God I have sisters (four sisters..yes we are all girls) who are my greatest supporters. My youngest sister Anne was able to stay at the venue and sell the cakes for me as I knew there was no way I would manage to stay up after all the baking the previous night. Did I mention  I have a six month baby who is still breastfeeding? Lets just say it was a very long day.

I came to reliaze that I love baking for big events, which is a great way to showcase my work to a greater number of people I wouldn’t be able to reach.

Looking forward to the next event.



Please check for recipes, different flavored peanut butter and sauces.